Bathroom – Different Toilet Options Available

The best part about renovating your bathroom or building it up from scratch is the variety of products available. No matter what style you prefer, whether the more traditional or modern style, you megapolis hacks will always find products that will satisfy your taste. This is especially true if you are shopping around for toilets. The sheer options available can even confuse you a little, and it is therefore important to have at least an idea of what to expect as you go toilet shopping.

Wall mounted toilet

The wall mounted toilet is one of the newest styles of toilets, whereby the frame is fixed to your bathroom wall. The toilet is then mounted on this wall frame, which means that the toilet is suspended in the air. This wall frame is strong and also contains the cistern, which means the cistern is concealed. This toilet is therefore perfect if you have a small space. This toilet gives a neat, uncluttered appearance and is very easy to clean.

You can fix a wall love this website mounted toilet to any type of wall, as long as the toilet is supported properly. The frame on which the toilet is mounted can support up to two hundred kilograms in weight when fixed correctly. This means you have no need to worry about the toilet falling when you are seated on it.

Back to wall toilet

The back to wall toilet is perfect if you prefer a modern style with a minimalist touch. This toilet is attached to the surface of the wall of the bathroom. The cistern is fixed within the wall or inside some form of furniture and is therefore not visible. This gives the bathroom a very neat look and helps to maximize on the available bathroom space. In case the cistern needs to be repaired, it can be reached through a flush plate when it is fixed within the wall.

If the cistern is within bathroom furniture, the furniture comes with an access panel that makes it possible to access the cistern. Some of these cisterns can clash of clans hack password interestingly be less than ten centimeters in length. This toilet is cheaper and easier to install than the wall mounted toilet since it does not need a support frame.

Close coupled toilet

The close coupled toilet has the pan and cistern come as two separate pieces. The cistern is fixed right on top of the pan, and the flush can either be a lever handle or a button on top. These toilets are becoming more popular and are replacing the traditional type of toilets which had a pipe connecting the cistern and the pan. These toilets are available in a wide range of shapes and styles, and they are very pocket friendly as they are very affordable and easy to install.

Wall faced toilet

The wall faced toilet has a flush placed against the wall of the bathroom. The cistern is hidden within the wall together with all the pipework. This means the toilet is less noisy than the standard toilet when you flush. This toilet is perfect if you only have a small space to work with in your bathroom, and is also quite easy to clean.

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