Export Import in Bulgaria

Bulgaria was once under communist rule and under this rule everything was highly centralized. The industries were mainly agriculture-focussed and everything was state-run. At present, Bulgaria has recovered remarkably from that unstable and weak economy. The country has successfully begun privatizing the agricultural sector and it is also developing rapidly in the industrial areas. The forest area has also been brought under the radar for commercial exploitation. However, the government also protects a part of the forest from all activities.

Thus the government has gone in for planned sustainable developed for the country. As most experienced businessmen will know, a rapidly developing economy usually has a high potential for profit. That is Bulgaria has become one of the most common destinations for export/import business. There’s more solid reason behind such a migration. Bulgaria is an active importer and exporter of many products and some of them are very important like food items for mass consumption.

Ever since the country stopped deep sea fishing, it has been importing large quantities of fish quite regularly – for example. Since the country has a privately owned agrarian economy (98% in 2004) in most of its regions, the mass production of commercial crops is great. It thus exports large quantities of this produce every year.

Hence, the Bulgarian economy is a very favorable market to start your import/export business in. One very lucrative thing about Bulgaria is more information the demand for mainstream items. Most businessmen do not have Order click more details to find a niche to work on because there is already so much demand for mainstream items.

For example – the mining industry is a very important one in Bulgaria and it is a very big one too. It is one of the main sectors that drive the entire economy. As always, efficient mining requires not only skill but also highly specialized machinery. Bulgaria does not produce machines like this and so it needs to be imported. This is a competitive field already but you can make a lot of profit if you can get in.

A majority of the of the workforce also works in the service sector. These people usually need mainstream consumer products that are affordable and yet of a standard quality. This includes appliances, electronics, apparel, etc. This is another area where an importer can find a lot of business potential.

The mining activities produce minerals that are in high demand outside the country. This is a potential area that can be exploited for a significant amount of profit. As an exporter, you have to make sure that you give the producers the best buying rates. That way you can ensure that you get the best of what they have. This in turn will enable you to auction these high quality minerals to the highest bidder outside the country at share this site a good margin.

As an import/export businessman, you must have an eye for details. With the right set of contacts and steps, you can easily become a large player in the industry. As always, choose your industry according to your past experience and/or area of specialization.

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